The Control Tool

Improve your data quality in a simple way

The Control Tool

Improve data quality through visibility

Each day, your employees enter a lot of data. Inevitably, mistakes are made in this process. The Control Tool finds these mistakes overnight and sends a notification to the relevant people within your organization. This way, data quality will be up to far the following morning. The Control Tool is also very suitable for branches that are subject to strict laws and quality controls, such as hospitals and other medical facilities. The Control Tool reduces the number of mistakes in invoices, mailings, and reports and therefore also reduces the time spent on rectifying mistakes. On top of that, employees learn from the notifications and will make fewer mistakes in the long run.

ControlTool errors down good quality up

Advantages of the ControlTool

Mistakes are reported back to the right persons
The ControlTool finds data entry errors, exceptions, and other data quality problems and returns them to the relevant person. This facilitates learning among your employees.
Share data conveniently with other apps
Issues can be dealt with in other applications, such as SAP.
Improves management information
Reports suffer greatly from bad data quality. Improving data quality will also improve reports.
Comply with laws and regulations
It can be hard in some cases to know all the rules that apply to a cases. Also, it may be hard to have all the regulations built into your operational systems. The tool can be a real outcome in such cases. For hospitals, some of this functionality is directly available.
Easy to handle
The Control Tool has an easy-to-use interface. The interface only shows the data that you actually need, and only includes the strictly necessary menus and buttons.
Management information
The tool gives insight in the quality of internal processes, for example by showing the average amount of time needed to handle certain cases.
Process flow ControlTool

Would you like to read more or share this information within your organisation? Download the brochure (in Dutch) or read the experiences of the Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis with the DOT-monitor, a predecessor of the Control Tool.

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