Disco Process Mining

Quick insights in your processes with an accessible tool


Prcess Mining is a new tool with advanced technique to import your logs and analyse them visually. A log contains:

  • A case, (for example an ordernumber)
  • consecutive times
  • Activities/status
  • Optional which resource (for example employee) has executed the activity

Process log import process mining

Een voorbeeld van een process log uit Dynamics AX, oranje omcirkeld zijn de benodigde velden: 1 is activiteit, 2 is case, 3 is tijdstip en 4 is resource

How do organisations use Process Mining?

Usually we deliver short-term projects from 1 day to a few days where
you get different insights like:

  • The ‘happy flow’ of your proces(most comon order)
  • Activity with most repeats
  • Animation of your procesflow, where it recognizes delays and jams for different orders instantly
  • Turnaround: Where are long waiting times, where is the performance at its peak?

You should also watch the video where process mining is simplified.

How can we help you with process mining?

We execute short term projects, where we both look for opportunities to improve the proces.
Usually this leads to some adjustments in your ERP-system to prevent certain activities,
afterward signals if it could not be prevented in the first place and adapt or add process-oriented KPI’s to your report.
We would recommend to repeat the process mining project every few months to keep improving your processes.
Within our projects we use the following tools:
Bij onze projecten gebruiken wij de volgende tools: Disco – a commercial, user friendly application that we can use by putting an additional fee on our hourly rate.

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