How did people vote in Veenendaal?

Two days ago the elections took place in The Netherlands. VVD took first place just like in 2012 , even though they lost some seats to left wing party Groenlinks and rightwing parties PVV and CDA.
The Partij vd Arbeid lost most seats, a huge blow for one of the biggest political parties in history.
I wanted to know how things went in my hometown, which is Veenendaal (biggest ICT and IT city in the Netherlands)

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I made a dashboard in Power BI with data I saw in the newspaper, which is also available online:
I used this as my data source and with a little bit of Power Query and Power BI knowledge you should be able to create a good data model.
Nice thing about Power BI is that you can click on any of those parties and you will see that everything will ‘Cross-filter’ on where you click.
First thing that comes to mind is that the turn-out is higher in 2017 than in 2012, which is even higher than the average of The Netherlands (80,8%). Was it the nice weather or were many people afraid that if they didn’t vote then maybe there would be a chance that we elect the wrong president (Like in the United States, aka Mr.Orange)

In the table on the left side you can see how people voted compared to 2012, and in the last 2 columns you can see that the Partij van de Arbeid indeed has suffered most. Big winner in Veenendaal is the CDA, which has always been one of the biggest parties in Veenendaal and in The Netherlands. They had a big blow back in 2012, but now they are back again. Groenlinks also had a great win in The Netherlands, multiplying their seats 4 times. In Veenendaal nearly 5 times!
The religious parties ChristenUnie and SGP remain about the same size, I guess there are not many swing voters in this parties. They have always been very big in Veenendaal. Newcomer to the elections is DENK with 3,4 %, despite the latest issues with Turkey, they got many votes. Probably these people don’t have any problems with Erdogan.
Well, enjoy clicking on this dashboard and have a nice weekend 


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