Process mining

See directly where your process differs or where turnarounds are too high

Process Mining

What is process mining?

Using your application logs to get insights in the process(es) they support.

How do we use process mining?

It is often used in Lean projects, improving throughput times and understanding your processes before implementing new software.

How can we help you with process mining?

We know the pros and cons of each tool and when to use which algorithm. We also help you implement the results of the analysis.

Process mining is a new, advanced technique, used to import and visually analyse your logs. A log is something in which:

  • a case (for example an order number)
  • is followed through successive times
  • in which it passes through activities/states
  • and where optionally the resource (like employee) is known

Process log import process mining

An example of a process log from Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics AX. Orange Een voorbeeld van een process log uit Microsoft Dynamics AX, oranje circled are required fields: 1. is activity, 2. is case, 3. is time and 4. is resource

How do organisations use process mining?

Often we do short-term project varying from one to a few days. In these projects you get insights like:

  • The ‘happy flow’ of your process (most common sequence)
  • Activity with the most repeats
  • Animation of your process stream, which visualises the flow of the orders through your process. In this way you can easily detect delays and congestion.
  • Processing times: where are the longest cues, where varies performance the most

A clear video in which process mining is exmplained:

How can we help you with process mining?

We execute short-term projects, in which we explore the possibilities to further improve the process. This can for example lead to: changes in your ERP-system to prevent certain activities, detection afterwards (if it is not possible beforehand), and changing or adding process oriented KPI’s to your reports. It is recommended to repeat a process mining project every few months to continue improving your processes. For our projects we use the tool Disco – a commercial, user friendly application which can be used by charging a fee upon the hourly rate.

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