Power BI April Update

When I woke up this morning I was very excited, because I knew there would be a monthly update of the greatest BI tool of this moment. In this blog, I will discuss the most important updates and features with you. In my opinion, the coolest one is the quick measures option. Although you can spend a lot of time learning DAX and building complicated measures and calculated columns like me, you can now have Power Bi generate the DAX code for you.

4 april 2017 by

Rename Axis Titles

One of my colleagues was working on a Power BI dashboard one day when he got angry that he could not rename an Axis title. Afterwards he said to me: See, this is why SSRS (Reporting Services) is a better tool then Power BI for making detailed reports. I told him that soon enough the day would come that it would be the other way around. In the picture below, go to the formatting pane of a visualisation and select the Y-axis or X-axis and put Title on. After that, you can input your desired title, instead of having to rename a whole column name.

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New matrix visual enhancements: column sorting, column resizing, and word wrapping

In the previous Power BI update, they added a new Matrix Visualisation (in preview). In this matrix it is possible to set hierarchies, but the formatting options were still very limited. In this update, they made sure that it has the same formatting options as in the original Matrix Visual.

Quick measures and show value as preview

One of the features that I am most excited about is the quick measures feature.
It is now possible to create fast new measures based on existing measures or numerical columns in your table. For end users, this means that knowledge of DAX is becoming less important. You can create measures based on 19 different calculations across 5 different categories:

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    -Aggregate within category:
    You can sum up values and take an average for example.
    -Filters and baselines:
    You can set filters in your measures just to calculate values for a specific category in a column, or compare values to a specific baseline.
    -Time Intelligence:
    Functions like Year to date or Month to date are now possible to calculate with these quick measures options. Dax has many built-in functions to calculate different period-over-period values.
    -Running total:
    This works just the same as a Year to date function, but any field could be used, instead of only dates.
    -Mathematical operations:
    These calculations are simple, which can be powerful when you use them together.

      Finally, in the picture below you can see the Quick measures dialog. Here you can fill in various parameters for the fields you use for this calculation. After you fill in all the required parameters and select ok, the quick measure is part of your model and available for all your reports.
      If you want to know more about quick measures, there will be a deep dive blog session on powerbi.com within the next few days.

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      Data Connectivity

      If you create a new report and select Get Data, it is now possible to select the Power BI online service in which you can see all the available workspaces you are part of. You can select one of them and connect to any dataset within this workspace to create reports with. If you want to edit the data model, which is not allowed in this feature, you will have to go to the original report and republish for it to be available for other users as well.
      Finally yet importantly, it has also become easier to split or add columns in the power query mode.
      As you can see below you can choose whether you want to split it into columns or rows in the advanced options, which was not available until this update.

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      That was all for this month, I hope you enjoy playing with these exciting new features!


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